Keith MacGrath

Keith MacGrath’s years of woodworking experience, combined with his love of natural creativity an craftsmanship gave him an unique advantage as a woodworker to make his client’s desired projects a reality. Keith has many talents he has gone many directions from carving, clock sculptures, making furniture of all kind, to building kitchen cabinetry in his own unique way, mosaic tiling, and specialty trim work. He also enjoys in repairing and refinishing furniture especially family heirlooms. Keith has work over 23 years in working as a self-contractor kitchen and bathroom installer.

Keith brings a level of experience and skills necessary to achieve a creative, artistic look and level of quality in all his work. His attention to detail in the wood used, the finish applied, and the hardware chosen reflects a high level of personal communication with each client. After all this awesome experience and knowledge, he has learned. Keith has been given a great opportunity to run his own shop out of the TreeHouse woods complex on 122 N Brevard ave… and looking forward to continuing our services to the community of all your wood working needs. Nothing to Large or small.

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